Android Marshmallow Update – What to expect?


Devices running on android platforms have something to smile about with the release of an update to the Operating Platform. As of yet, there has been no communication as to new devices that will launch with the platform but the update is open to high end device users. So what is it that people can expect from this update by Google?

  • Improved power management

Google has time and again revealed that they are working on a mode of ensuring power management is handled effectively to allow mobile and tablet devices to hold power for longer. With the Android Marshmallow, Google has customized the power management process to give devices the ability to retain power for longer and also control power usage by Apps.

  • Full integration of Android Pay

The full integration of Android pay will ensure that individuals can be able to make payments effectively over the Android platform. Devices having NFC will be able to seamlessly make transactions and pay for the same on the Android platform which is an admirable advantage.

  • Awesome Features

Awesome features have been promised by the developers in a bid to increase the client satisfaction and interaction. An addition and customization of the Android features including Apps promises to be an aspect that individuals must look forward to since it will build user experience on the platform.

  • Excellent design

The design is one area where Google really got it right. The excellent design that the Android Marshmallow update will have will surely impress users and also bring a quality and customized orientation that individuals will be able to relate to easily.

  • Improved security

Android 6.0 Marshmallow will offer the users increased security features and this is where devices with varied settings like Fingerprint scanners will be supported with ease. This will give the devices added security not to mention the advantage of effective management of the privacy settings of the phone where a user will be able to customize the level of privacy with ease.

  • Advanced App permissions

App permissions are what customize a phone and with Google taking the customization process a notch higher, users will be able to enjoy further device optimization to serve the purpose. The bettering of App permissions is sure to give users the chance to create virtual assistants and also limit some App access to fit the need at hand.

The update to the Android platform are simply awesome which is a step up by Google in a bid to create an Operating System that will personalize the devices that individuals have and hence ensure that there is enhancement of the user experience. The only downside is the fact that some device manufacturers have mentioned that the update will be skinned on their handsets which will mean that the excellent design will be hidden. The manufacturers include LG, HTC and Samsung. Barring this downside, the update is a must have for compatible devices since the upside to having it rest with the user interface and experience that will be received.