OnePlus Two a personal take

The OnePlus Two is arguably one of the most awaited devices in the Smartphone market and its scheduled release in July is bound to be a date that enthusiasts will consider. The OnePlus Two is the successor to the OnePlus One which made its debut in the Smartphone world alongside the Nexus 5. The hype around the scheduled release is understandable considering the expected upgrades but there are still aspects that will not impress as far as the capabilities of the phone are in question. The OnePlus One was heralded as the cheaper alternative to an iPhone costing close to half the price of the iPhone. Let us start with the areas where the device will surely impress.

  • 4G LTE support

The OnePlus One was an epic disaster when it came to support for LTE since when not connected to the correct network, the device would simply not have support for 4G which was very disappointing for users. The OnePlus Two promises to have this factor fixed which will prove useful especially with the Dual Sim setting.


  • Fingerprint scanner

Incorporation of the fingerprint scanner is an added security feature that will give users varied alternatives as far as privacy and security of the device go. Individuals will also not have difficulty integrating the device with the OS updates since it will prove compatible.

  • Snapdragon 810 processor

As the latest processor in the market for devices, the OnePlus Two will surely impress with this processor in play. The Snapdragon 810 processor will ensure faster processing times including the effective speed up of the device which is sure to be admirable.

  • 4GB RAM

The 4GB RAM that the device will come with is sure to increase user efficiency and also ensure that the device will be able to support multitasking effectively. The 4GB RAM is very impressive since the OnePlus Two will prove as one of the premier handheld devices to have that capacity of RAM.

With all these positives, the device seems sure to give the competitive edge that will give users a quality service. There are however aspects that will fail to impress and they include;

  • Lack of NFC

The lack of NFC will mean that Android payments will not be possible with this device. Users will therefore lack the capability to make mobile payments using Android Pay which will surely be a letdown for such an amazing device.

  • Lack of QHD

The OnePlus Two will come with 1080p as the video resolution setting which is a letdown to users. The 1080p setting will be similar to that of the iPhone 6 Plus and an upgrade would have served quite well to maintain the competition at the top.

  • Similar design to predecessor

The OnePlus Two will sport a similar design to its predecessor the OnePlus One. This is a downside since a tweak in the design would have gone a long way towards bringing a fresh outlook to the device and in this allows users to have a unique perspective of the new device.