Launch of Honor X what is a user to get?


The Honor X was launched to carve out a niche in Europe in the affordable Android devices market challenging Samsung. The capabilities of the device are quite impressive considering the price range. The 5.5inch screen Phablet that is Honor X has quite an elaborate screen size which means that users can easily view videos and movies. The body of the device is quite unique as it is all metal made from aluminum alloy with esthetic value being increased by the varied colors to choose from including grey, black and gold. The device is quite slim and light considering the all metal body which is another admirable aspect that has to be taken into account.

What stands out with this device is the incorporation of a fingerprint scanner. On the launch of the device, the fingerprint scanner was lauded as having the ability to unlock the device in half a second even if the finger is partially dirty. This has to stand out as an amazing feature since it gives users a fast nature and an increased capacity when it comes to user efficiency. The Honor X device comes with 16GB internal storage which is fair but not impressive. The storage can however be expanded to accommodate 128GB which compensates for any inconvenience that may be brought about by the 16GB.

Another aspect that stands out with this device is the 13MP rear camera and a 5MP front camera. The 13MP camera is able to produce some quality photos and videos which is something that has to be appreciated. The front camera having 5MP is effective for taking selfies and it has actually been claimed that it has an 88-degree angle of view which promises users a quality and fun time when it comes to selfies.

The 3GB as much as it is workable is not impressive since a phone with these capabilities will have been suited having a 4GB RAM like other Phones looking to build on user efficiency and ensuring quality multitasking. The RAM capacity actually explains why the device has a tendency to become sluggish with heavy usage. The heavy usage can also take its toll on the battery life since the battery capacity is not as large to outlast heavy multitasking. These are aspects that have to be considered in the devices that will be the successors to the Honor X since the current digital world is bent on utilizing handheld devices in handling every need.


This device comes with the Android 5.1.1 Lollipop which is workable as far as usage and operational capabilities are concerned. The device would have however been better suited by being fitted with the Android 6.0 Marshmallow which is sure to impress due to the updates and the extra features which are user optimized to increase the overall experience. The Honor X also comes with ports for the Micro-SD, Micro-Sim and Nano-Sim. These ports give users flexibility especially when traveling abroad since a local Sim can be inserted to utilize the local charges and avoid roaming charges.